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Ian offers counselling supervision for trained Counsellors using his extensive knowledge and experience there is very few areas of counselling issues he will not have dealt with over his 20 years of practice. His expertise is being able to produce clarity from complex issues or interactions between humans. He has a wealth of experience to help you understand not only your Client’s but also how you are interacting with them in the room, the transference and counter transference dynamics.

Supervision is tailored to your requirements and if in training can be offered in suitable fee packages for required work within your course structure. His Counselling knowledge and his teaching experience can help you to understand your course content and theory input bringing Clients and theory together.

“I found the presentation very easy to understand, like his book. He was very approachable non-judgmental and honest. Would choose him as a Counsellor or Supervisor"

Ian is a committee member and Chair of Yorkshire supervisors forum and helps to organise the groups media aspect as well as other input. He is passionate about supporting and extending Counsellors awareness around supervision and feels being supported as a Counsellor with professional and good supervision is paramount to the health and well being of Counsellors.

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Courses and Information

Ian offers training courses for professionals, organisations and individuals. These can be delivered either at our venue or at your venue and cover an extensive array of subjects and life issues. They vary from day courses on confidence self-esteem to seven day accredited programs training to be a Counsellor or a Couple Counsellor. These courses are regarded as extensive, successful and well delivered by all the attendees. He is a qualified teacher and builds bespoke programs for each Client group, no two training courses are the same, his attention to detail is what makes these courses popular and successful. Please contact him for supportive evidence and to discuss your needs to build a quality training program which works.

Attendee's Comments on the courses delivered


“I really liked Ian’s approach it was really relaxed and spoken in easy to understand terms, which I found very helpful. Not too much jargon very informative”

"Excellent delivery from someone who was well experienced in the field, who addressed questions appropriately whilst also encouraging us all in our own capacities."

“Really thorough and well delivered which gave the attendees quality learning in a relaxed atmosphere, something I will always remember”

"Extremely thought provoking and useful - great to learn from the experiences of others. Trainer was excellent and what a superb group with combined inputs created a pooling of experience and learning from many point of view."


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Training to be a Counsellor or therapist using Somatic skills

What is SomaticTherapy?
It's a collaboration partnership between client and therapist, enhancing the therapeutic bond, to create a deeper understanding, leading to profound change.

What benefits does it give the therapist?
Aspects of an Somatic Therapy encounter have been described in many ways including - connecting with the whole person; deep acceptance of the client; feeling involved and focussed; feeling energised, excited and stimulated; deeply meaningful, profound. When client and therapist have connected at this deep level, they feel valued and supported.
What benefits does it give the client?
This therapy can be very rewarding for the client and the therapist as it moves people quickly forward in understanding their issues, except where abuse of any kind is the focus of the work, were pace and control has to be at the forefront of the client’s control. But even in these cases the trust between the client and the therapist builds quickly which enables the therapeutic bond to be more secure quicker and be more consistent.

Some reasons for working intuitively.
The building of the therapeutic bond has been proven to help the client to relax and feel more able to trust the therapist.
Being in the moment, a joining of the experience, is a deeply humbling and rewarding experience for all parties.
In joining with another we connect as human beings, in a collaborative partnership.

If you would like to know more about training in this fascinating way of working then please contact me.

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Business Coaching helping you find the door to sucess

Business coaching
Ian also specialises in helping people and organisations to attain their goals and change processes working with individuals, local authorities and national organisations. If your looking for a specialist business coach then please feel free to have a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and what I would be able to achieve for you If you would like to access our Coaching or training services for personal, life and business development then please visit  www.iwtc.org.uk


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